Endowment Grant Application

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights. 
We’ve been so blessed at Mt. Olive we need your help putting those blessings to work!  Our Endowment distribution this year will be approximately $15,000.  And we need your help through Grant Requests to discover what God wants us to do with these gifts!

Who can write a grant?
Anyone!  Attendees, Seniors, Students, Committee Chairs, Staff, even the pastor!

What can it be used for? 
Anything that you can show has the potential to do any one of these things...
  • Make Disciples
  • Develop Disciples
  • Change the World (missional work; local, regional, or international)

What do those things look like? 
You tell us. This grant is for YOU!  Do you think a Christmas light show synced to Manheim Steamroller would make disciples?  Write the grant! Think an espresso machine for the Gathering Area would develop disciples by enlivening worship? Write a grant!  Think it would be world-changing to install a drive up communion window?  Well maybe don’t write that one.

The point is it's up to you!  This is the church you love and the people you care about let’s make it better together!  So what's your idea? It's incredibly easy to write your grant.  Just follow the simple form instructions and turn it in by the first Friday of December. So make a case for caffeine-induced worship, Christmas light evangelism, small group retreat, book study, helpful new church tech, you name it!

Grant applications available now!

The first Friday of December.  
Grants award mid-January.  

If you are interested in contributing to the Endowment or in estate giving please feel free to contact our Endowment Committee, information@mtoliveumc.com.

Grants will be awarded by the Endowment Committee and applied by consent by the church governing bodies of the church.