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6th-12th Grade! Meet at River's Edge this Sunday for free putt putt & snacks! 4-5:30pm! Let Steph know if you have questions, friends are always welcome! 
4-5PM Preschool-5th Grade Programming
4-6PM Youth Group (6th-12th) and Small Groups
5:15PM Community Meal for all!
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Calendar & week at a glance

8:30a Adult Bible Study
9:30a Worship Service
10:30a Mt. Olive Kids
10:30a Mt. Olive Youth
10:30a Adult Bible Study
4-6p Meals & More

UMW-United Methodist Women's Meeting
6:30 – 7:30pm

6a Morning Devotions
12:45pm Staff Meeting
6:30p Brianna's Hope 
6a Morning Devotions
7:45am HS Senior Girls Small Group Outside
7p Men's Group

6a Morning Devotions



Small Groups & current studies

Current Study

Sunday messages and online resources
Join Rev. Doug and Donna Barton
The New Testament, “You Never Knew”
Starts 9/12 Sundays 10:30AM Room # 5

Small Group Studies

8:30 AM 
  • Adult Bible Study Lead by Galen Clark room #1
10:30 AM 
  • Gospel of Matthew - Mike McDivitt -  room #1
  • THE New Testament you never Knew room - Doug Barton-  #5
UMW has an on going Fundraiser for Terri Lynn Nuts, You can
click the link to order. There will not be any Terri Lynn Products this year at the Bazaar.  All orders proceeds will go to UMW.

Congregational Care & celebration dates

Find Your copy at church this week
Located outside the main Sanctuary Doors
And in our resource Hall Way

Prayer Concerns

WEEK OF 9/19/2021 
Marge Keller going in for Gallbladder surgery on Thursday 9:30am
Larry Ray Pneumonia
Dave Jentus brother recovering from surgery, and his wife was diagnosed with cancer
Ashley Holderead Prayers for her Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)
Donna Barton asked for Prayers for a preemie Lincoln
Sherl Wilm a good friend of Kateri's has major back pain can't walk. Waiting to see surgeon 
Jim's sister's mother in law end of life decisions

WEEK OF 9/12/2021
Debbie Winegardner's Mom Joyce Clark had broken arm and now needs surgery Prayers for healing and for Chuck and Debbie
Chuck Winegardner's Mom Susan Perry has broken L1 and will be having surgery. Prayers for peace and comfort and Prayers for Chuck and Debbie as they go thru this time.
Mary Burnett brother had surgery on his shoulder from a 50 year old injury from the war
Lori McDivitt please keep her in prayer she has had a lot of pain and discomfort
Martin Lake passed away Huge in Mississinewa 1812
Marty Foland best friend of Martin Lake passed away

WEEK OF 9/5/2021
Diana Clark Father passed away
Joyce Harris Grief
Lori McDivitt Continue prayers for pain relief and strength

WEEK OF 8/29/2021
Lori McDivitt For pain control and management she is very uncomfortable. Here is a Link you can use to keep update on her progress:
Diana Burrough Keep her in prayer as she moves forward in her healing, Praise God she was in church on Sunday.

WEEK OF 8-22-2021
Diana Burrough Coming home this week. She is doing better can't drive yet. Please pray for continued healing and strength.
Natalie Grizzle Barry and Vicki Conrad's daughter has Covid and family is in quarantine . Pray for healing and strength
Linda Pendleton's niece has left for Bulgaria to pick up their 3 yr old little girl. Will be a big adjustment for her learning new surroundings and new language. WEEK OF 8/15/2021
Jeff and Cheryl Parrish have a very good friend who has health issues and is in the hospital with COVID.
Jeff Parrish continued prayers as he has continuing health issues.
Jeff and Nancy Carson They will be seeing a neurologist today.
Diana Burrough Prayers for healing and give doctors the knowledge and cure to help her recover.
Debbie Winegardner’s mother. Joyce Clark She fell and broke her arm and had surgery. Is now in Miller’s Merry Manor. Quarantined for 2 weeks and has fallen again.
Ethan Cass moving into college
Susan Perry's friend Janet Havey Heart Cath on Monday
Austin French has been deployed to Afghanistan  
Pastor Rob Unspoken WEEK OF 8/8/2021Embree Tinkle Cancer Free
Karen Smith unspoken
DeShawn Wert Mom is in the hospital for a fall.
Aaron Kughen Parents are in NC in a hotel with Covid
Prayers for Oak Hill's Orchestra's program

1st Pam Armstrong
2nd Grace Geller
2nd Garrett Geller
2nd Tammy Overmyer
2nd Pam Chaffin
2nd Graham Overmyer
3rd Earl Helm
3rd Jack Wood
3rd Daniel French
6th Becky Rinearson
6th Teresa Cass
7th Embree Tinkel
7th Pat Lewellen
7th Heather Reece
9th Thea Davis
10th Cinda Cain
10th Carter Beck

 11th Cyndi Fetcher
11th Colbie Furnish
11th Kristen Hawkins
13th Bob Breedlove
14th Chris Wickline
18th Mike Hudupp
18th Adam Burggraf
21st Alexis Enoch
22nd Kateri Burnett
24th Peg Hosier
24th Faith Haney
25th Lois Kelley
26th Leola Robinson
26th Kim Knight
 30th Lesley Barton
31th Shelby Taylor
31th Robert Burnett
3rd Skip & Jill Lebo
7th Don & Martha Lewis
8th Bob & Sharon Nightingale
10th Frank & Amy Downing
17th Larry & Paula Cole
26th Jason & Allison Thomas
29th Larry & Joan Layman


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Worship Bulletin  & Sunday Morning Schedule

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Worship by Our Presence
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Jesus Loves Me (For the kids of all ages)
Great is Thy Faithfulness
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Prayers of the People
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Worship by Our Witness
Series: Steward of the King
Message: 2 Chronicles 31:1-10 The Challenge

Song of Sending
Sweet, Sweet Spirit
Go in Peace

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Sunday Programming

  • Adult Bible Study Lead by Galen Clark ROOM 1

  • Nursery Care, Room 4
  • Worship Service 

  • Mt. Olive Kids K-5, Godly Play, Room 6
  • Nursery Care, Room 4
  • Mt. Olive Youth the Attic
  • Adult Bible Study Lead by Mike McDivitt Room 1
  • The New Testament I Never Knew, Pastor Doug Barton and Donna Barton Room 5

4 - 6PM Meals and More
4-5 PreK and Elementary Programming
4-6 Youth
5:15 Meal: Served until 6 and everyone is welcome! Bring a Friend.  Catered meal this week, taco bar next week 9/19

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