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NOV 30, 2023


Pastor Mitch's meanderings

Tomorrow is December 1st! This year has flown by and we find ourselves at the beginning of the Christian Calendar. This week marks the first Sunday of Advent, so the church will be decorated and we’ll sing Advent/Christmas songs. It’s a special time in the life of the church.

This year, I’ll be doing a message series called Protagonist. If you subscribe to the Wake Up Call daily devotional, it will follow along with the series. If you have not yet signed up for Wake Up Call, you can do so by hitting the button below this message. The Protagonist devotionals begin tomorrow, December 1st, so get signed up right away!

Here's an introduction to Advent and our series for the four Sundays in December:

     Advent means arrival. It is a word we often associate with the arrival of some life-changing technology. And often these inventions are hailed for advancing our great cultural obsession: the elimination of waiting. With each innovation, we attempt to expedite the process in the name of progress and rush more of the world to our fingertips. We thought this would create time, but we seem to be losing more of it and losing touch with it.
     In the kingdom imagination, however, Advent tells an alternative story. It is a season in the Christian calendar in which we intentionally enter into a time of waiting, longing for the arrival of Jesus at Christmas. What you hold in your hands is a guide through that season, a humble attempt to root us in an ancient rhythm of time and push against the tide of hurry. This book provides Scripture, reflections, prayer, and questions for each day through Advent, into the twelve days of Christmas known as Christmastide, and culminating at Epiphany.
     Resisting the urge to rush ahead to the Nativity, we engage with the countercultural, subversive practice of pilgrimage. We sink down into the ancient story of God's people and remember what it means to hope. We walk with them on the desert road and look to the heavens for help. We ache and thrill with the Prophets. We sing along with the Poets. And when the Promise arrives at last in shocking glory, we rejoice at the grace we still can't get our minds and hearts around.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Mitch




Acts 1:8  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Grant County Rescue Mission :
UPDATE: If you are doing house cleaning and have things you know are good for someone else the Rescue Mission is the best place to take them.
They now have a warehouse that you can drop things off. Ring the bell and they will come out and unload it for you. The Graffiti  warehouse on 1216 S. Branson St., Behind Kirby Risk.
They are taking donations for the Shelters now and are in need of these items
Twin Bed Sheets
Shower Shoes
Wash Cloths
Men and women underwear
Canned food
Faith Harvest Church interprets Acts 1:8 as a command to proclaim Christ locally, nationally, and internationally.  To live out that command, we have three legacy ministries that Faith Harvest Church covenants serve.  We serve other programs and missions, but these missions will always take priority for us do to our connections with them.  Each ministry has been audited as well to ensure that they proclaim the message of Jesus Christ, are financially accountable, and have a history or personal connection to Faith Harvest Church. 
At Josiah White's Residential, students have the opportunity to participate in a project to give back to our community, but they need your help!
The Finnley Project, a group dedicated to comforting families grieving and enduring pregnancy and infant loss, came to campus and taught some of our students and staff how to make infant hats and cocoons using yarn and looms.
We want to keep this opportunity going for our residential students, but we are in great need of yarn! If you are willing to donate, we need skeins of Bernat brand Baby Blanket yarn only. All yarn donations can be dropped off at the front desk at the Hodson Center on Josiah White's campus. If you would like to donate financially toward the purchase of yarn, You may put the money in an envelope and bring to the office and Kateri will take the money and or yarn up to the campus. This is an ongoing event.

 Faith Prayer Warriors

We have a prayer group at Faith Harvest Church and it's open to everyone (men and women) who want to be a part of this wonderful ministry. We are meeting in Rm 1 on Tuesdays @ 10:00 am.  
You don't have to be good at praying and you won't have to pray out loud if you don't want to. 

If you're interested you can contact Karen Neumann @ 630- 280-9124 or Donna Barton @ 765-618-9240.


PreSchool News

What's been going on in PreK...

Volunteers For Sunday

UMW has an on going Fundraiser for Terri Lynn Nuts, You can
click the link to order. There will not be any Terri Lynn Products this year at the Bazaar.  All orders proceeds will go to UMW.

Congregational Care & celebration dates

Find Your copy at church this week
Located outside the main Sanctuary Doors
And outside all the Doors

Happy Birthday

1st Frank Downing
2nd Chuck Winegardner
6th Harold Landers
10th Connie Strange
14th Kevin Cates
16th Marge Keller
18th Barb Carson
19th Becky Lawson
20th Natalie Halt
22nd Donald Lewis
25th Vikki Conrad
29th Patricia Soultz

Happy Anniversary

30th Brent & Ellen Lindvall
13th Bill & Sue House
14th Wendall & Bonnie Cates
21st Galen & Toby Clark

 Potty Post

PRAYERS and Praises

Week of 11/26/23
Norman Landers, continued prayers for her son Frank.  He is home from his brain surgery and with his family..  Surgery went well.
Wendell Cates, asking for continued prayers for Garry Newhouse as he heads to Texas for a second opinion for agressive thyroid cancer.
Cheryl Parrish, prayers for a friend of hers, Vern Brown, 94 broke his hip last week.  Not doing well.
Kateri Burnett, prayers for her father's heart surgery on November 30th and her procedure on December 1st.
Joyce Clark, fell last week and cut her head.  Please pray for healing.

Week of 11/19/23
Norma Lander's son Frank had brain surgery for aneurysm.
Cheryl Parrish, diagnosed with Covid.
Kateri Burnett's mom is displaying agressive behavior and she may need to be hospitalized.
Garry Newhouse, agressive thyroid cancer going to Texas for opinion.  
Paul Neumann, for safe travel for their daughter and son-in-law's safe return from Ontario Canada.
Paul Neumann, praises for the great weather for the Christmas Parade.

Week of 11/12/23
Harold Landers was just diagnosed with Covid Wednesday.
Lowell Harter fell Tuesday night and fractured his back.  Please pray for healing.
Dave Howard is having back surgery on November 16th and their building hit by a tornado is being demolished and it is also Bev and Dave's 49th wedding anniversary.   So they have a lot going on.  Prayers and praises to Dave and Bev.
Unspoken prayers, please continue to lift up all the members of our congregation.
Kevin Tinkel, heart surgery on November 22nd and fire at his business last week.

Week of 11/5/23
Kevin Cates He has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre' Syndrome.
Joyce Harris is really sick and needs prayers.
Ralph Hobson Kateri's dad will be having a heart valve replacement on Nov 30 in Carmel
Kateri Burnett will be having an epidural in her back on Dec 1 in Carmel
Lee Harman, Toby Clark's brother-in-law is in the hospital with an obstruction of his small intestines.  
Madison Azar, Kateri's girlfriend's daughter is have surgery and she is only 18 and autistic.

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8:30 AM 
  • Adult Bible Study Led by Teresa Cates - Room 1

10:30 AM 
  • The Study of 15 Verses of Great Importance  - Doug Barton - Room 1

10 am - 11 am  Faith Prayer Warriors Karen Neumann and Donna Barton Room 1


Worship Bulletin  & Sunday Morning Schedule

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This Sunday

8:30AM:  Adult Bible Study Teresa Cates ROOM 1
9:30AM:  Nursery Care;  Worship Service
10:30AM: Adult Bible Study  Room 1 Pastor Doug Barton  The Study of 15 verses of Great Importance 

Please fill out the attendance sheets in pew pads
Greet One Another 
Opening Hymn
     O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Advent Candle Lighting
     It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,
     Verse 4
Worship Music
     Hark the Herald Angels Sing/
     King of Heaven
Prayers of the People
Message Stepping Into The Story
      Isaiah 64:1-4
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     Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King
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